Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
I have made a return to TDZK, in a manner of speaking. The game's unusual
downtime and work have prevented me from playing. I have, however, made a
return to duties at a TDZK IRC channel operator. Most recently, ZmaniacZ has
left KAOS and Oceanminded was asked to leave the alliance (independent
circumstances). I also play World of Warcraft now. My best friend caused me to
buy this game and pay it's monthly fee despite my oaths never to join an MMO
that required a subscription. Later on he decided he was tired of playing the
game and quit, while the acquaintances he introduced me to started playing in a
different realm. Fortunately a mutual friend Wayne did keep his character on
Twisting Nether (US), so I at least occasionally get to talk to someone I consider
a friend.

There are plans for another TDZK meet at Viri's this year. I've spoken with a
parent about it already, and I have in the last day or two asked my coworker if
she would be able to cover my shift on that weekend so that I could go.

SilentDeath tells me that he has worked out a deal with his fiancÚ, so he would
be able to go. He is looking forward to it and hopes that he and I will be able
to make the road trip together like last year. I hope that we are able to as well,
but I am afraid that our respective work schedules will not allow for it. Among
numerous benefits, I would have someone that could drive me over on that Friday,
since I have to work and will probably be dead tired.

Speaking of work, Delphi Electrical Systems employs me now. My best friend's mother
helped me get in the door, and one of her best friends help me transfer to the job I
currently hold--7 Day Auditor. I would like to explain more about what I do and how
the plant works, but I am afraid that is not my perrogative, therefore I will simply
say that this is the best job I have ever had, and if having a BoS gets me something
even better, then getting that Bachelor's is a high priority.

I did work at Blockbuster for about four weeks. I would not recommend it to anyone.

I still owe Karolina her mail, despite having sworn I would send it before the end of
summer. I am a loser. I am also planning to be in Starkville next weekend, which
means I need to start notifying people I'd like to see tomorrow if I have any hope of
being able to plan my weekend. I also need to email Dr. V and ask if it's okay that
I come to the Aerospace First Friday. I do owe him a beer, after all.

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